Join us November 15, 2020 at 1:00pm for this FREE workshop. With the impact of covid in our community and around the world the San Diego Cake Club is trying out a new type of event that we are calling a Dessert Workshops. We want to stay sweet together!

This is not a cooking class, it is simply a way to stay connected and create desserts together with others in the community, however big or small that may be. This workshop will be facilitated by San Diego Cake Club Member Tami Utley where we will be making caramel candy apples for the holidays. All are welcome, if you've made them before or have never even eaten one come join us. You can ask any and all questions you may have that will make you feel more comfortable creating this delicious and fun dessert.  Join us in staying sweet together!

Note: While this offering is geared towards adults, we understand that many of us now have kids at home all the time. Please feel free to join us with your children for this workshop!

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November 15, 2020 1:00 pm


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This is the supplies list you will need to complete the project with the community:

Granny Smith Apples (at least 3)
Caramel squares about 1 lb (or if you have a block of caramel that will work)
milk or heavy cream
microwave safe bowls
Melting chocolate, chocolate and vanilla, 1 lb each  (merckens is best, but chocolate chips or Wilton melts will work)
shortening or paramount crystals (only needed if you use Wilton or grocery store melting chocolate chips)
Halloween sprinkles,sanding sugar, nuts,Oreo cookies (crushed), crushed candy bars or any other edible decorations
Popsicle stick or apple stick
wax paper or parchment paper
disposable piping bag