Dessert Workshop:

Halloween No Bake Desserts

October 23, 2021 11:00 am


The San Diego Cake Club wants to encourage the sugar arts in our community and around the world with the San Diego Cake Club Dessert Workshops. This is not a cooking class, it is simply a way to stay connected and create desserts together with others interested in the Sugar Arts. So join us and we'll make the dessert together or just come to observe and you can make it on your own later. The San Diego Cake Club wants us all to stay sweet together!

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Supplies List
4 to 6 pastry bags
Tips: 3, 18, 349 & 2 or 3 couplers
One 8 oz. Cream Cheese package
One 5 oz. box Instant Pudding (Vanilla is suggested as color will limit your decorations)
White & Brown Candy Melts
Wax paper
StandMixer or Hand Mixer or Food Processor
Half Dozen Chocolate Cookies (like oreos-will be crushed)
Half Dozen Vanilla Cookies (like grapham crakers or vanilla cookies -will be crushed)
Print out of Halloween Ghost/Tree/Tombstone Outline on regular paper
4 to 8+ small clear glass or plastic dessert cups

**Optional: Halloween Candy (like the pumpkin in picture- not required, but fun)