SDCC By-Laws

SDCC By-Laws - Updated 2016



This organization shall be known by the name “SAN DIEGO CAKE CLUB” (SDCC).


The purpose of this organization shall be to share, promote, and strengthen the appreciation of confectionary arts through education and community service while supporting the general membership's choice of 501(c)3 charitable organizations through volunteerism and monetary donations.


  1. Members may be any interested persons subscribing to the stated purpose of the organization.
  2. Members will support the Club with payment of dues, attendance at meetings, and participation in activities, including exercising their voting privileges.
  3. Dues will be collected annually for the purpose of supporting operating expenses of the club as deemed appropriate by the membership. The amount of annual dues is to be reviewed each October at the general club meeting and will be effective the following January. Membership renewal not paid by the February meeting will result in the member being placed on inactive status for one month, after which time they will be dropped from the membership roster. Members that have let their membership lapse will pay a late fee upon reactivating their membership as provided by the Standing Rules.
  4. Junior members are classified as being 16 years of age or younger. They will have no voting rights nor be able to hold office, but are welcome to attend meetings, demonstrations, and any other club activities.
  5. Guest Procedures – Any interested person may attend not more than two meetings as a guest. They may meet members and receive club information, including a copy of the current By-Laws, for their review. If membership is desired, dues then become payable to the Treasurer at or before the third meeting.


Officers of this organization shall consist of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Newsletter Editor/ Communications Officer. Board members shall consist of all officers along with the immediate past President. 1. Officers must have been active members of the Club for three months prior to nomination. The position of President of the Club requires having been a Club member for at least one year and having previously held a Board position.

  1. A Nominating Committee will work during April and May to fill a slate of officers. Each nominee must submit a written statement of qualifications for inclusion in the June newsletter (which comes out prior to the June meeting). 3. Elections will be held bi-annually in June at the regular general meeting.
  2. The new board of officers will be installed in July.

ARTICLE V – OFFICER DUTIES President – Term = 2 years. As Chief Administrative Officer, presides over each meeting and appoints committee chairs. Current President is an ex-officio member of all committees and as immediate past President serves as a Board member. Fills office or committee chair vacancies by appointment, signs checks, maintains book of office to be passed on, and calls or reschedules meetings as necessary. First Vice President – Term = 2 years. Performs the duties of President in his or her absence, serves as program chairperson and maintains a calendar of demonstrations for future meetings. Provides recognition of those who have served in an outstanding way.

Second Vice President – Term = 2 years. Serves as membership chairperson and performs such duties as keeping membership active by greeting and assisting new members at meetings. Keeps membership roster current and provides each active member with a copy. Maintains contact information for current members and inactive/past members. Responsible for quarterly scholarship drawings.

Secretary – Term = 2 years. Records minutes of the meetings and forwards them to the Newsletter Editor. Writes correspondence as directed by the Board and prepares agenda for meetings. Responsible for meeting sign-in sheets for members and guests, and has authority to sign checks.

Treasurer – Term = 2 years. Collects dues, administers funds, maintains financial books, signs checks, and reports to membership. Furnishes copies of monthly reports to President and Secretary, and has books audited in April of each year.

Historian – Term = 2 years. Takes photos at Club meetings and events. Maintains book with Club photos, newspaper clippings and memorabilia, including copies of monthly newsletters and attachments. Maintains location for accrued histories.

Newsletter Editor/Communications Officer – Term = 2 years. Compiles all relevant officer reports for the monthly newsletter, edits and distributes accordingly. Coordinates communication with Club members and sends special announcements.

NOTE: Each Board member must keep a procedure book covering job description and a record of activity during their tenure to be passed on to the next Board.



The Chairpersons of the standing committees are appointed by the President and shall hold their term for one year. Standing committees shall include: 1. SDCC Cake Show – term begins after current year’s cake show and continues through completion of next cake show. Responsible for scheduling cake show meetings as necessary.

  1. Hospitality – term begins in July.
  2. Ways and Means – term begins in July.
  3. Publicity – for all SDCC events. Term begins in July.
  4. By-Law Revision - term begins in July.

The President shall appoint other committees as needed.

Duties are described as follows:

SDCC Cake Show Chairperson – Secures location for our Confections for a Cause show and competition. Guides the committee through all aspects of producing this event.

Hospitality Chairperson – Secures volunteers to provide meeting refreshments and dinner and maintains a calendar of said volunteers. Coordinates with Second Vice President to greet members and guests at meetings.

Ways and Means Chairperson – Creates ideas and coordinates methods of raising revenue to support our endeavors.

Publicity Chairperson – Contacts magazines, newspapers, radio, television, community colleges, etc., to publicize our events and our purpose.

By-Law Revision Chairperson – Guides the committee through annual review of the By-Laws, Standing Rules, and other club documents.


The San Diego Cake Club shall meet on the first Monday of the month, unless it falls on a nationally recognized holiday. In that event, it will be held on the following Monday. The annual holiday party will take place in lieu of a regular meeting in December.


By-Laws and Standing Rules shall be reviewed annually beginning in April. Revisions, if necessary, will be recommended to the Board by a committee consisting of the Revisions Chairperson, at least one executive board member, and up to three persons from the general membership. The proposed changes shall be presented to the Board prior to the May monthly meeting. Upon approval by the Board, the proposed changes will be presented to the general membership in the current newsletter, also prior to the May meeting. The Chairperson of the By-Law Committee will present the changes to the general membership at the May meeting and invite discussion of said changes. Upon conclusion of the discussion period a vote will be taken. A 2/3 majority vote is necessary to accept the By-Laws/Standing Rule changes. If a 2/3 majority vote is not reached, the chairperson will call the committee together again to address the changes and bring the new proposals to the Board before the June meeting with a new vote to take place at the June meeting.

Amendments to any of the procedures and rules set forth in these By-Laws may take place outside of the annual By-Law review only if said amendment is proposed as a motion at a general monthly meeting and voted upon by 2/3 of the members present at the following meeting. The By-Law Review Chair shall be tasked with keeping track of any such motions for possible inclusion in the next annual By-Law review.


Any procedure not covered in the By-Laws or Standing Rules will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.


Every effort shall be made to send pertinent mailings to each member electronically in an effort to reduce printing and mailing costs. Any member without an email address may request a written copy of communications such as those outlined above. Each member of the SDCC shall be responsible for reading, and if necessary, printing out all communications prior to the regular SDCC meetings. Written copies shall be made available for guests at meetings.


At any point the San Diego Cake Club decides to disband, all monies still in the treasury will be donated to a 501(c)3 charity/charities of the membership's choice or passed on to whatever the current state law requires at the time.